We have always been inspired by the mothers and fathers raising their children to create products that simplify the everyday life of new parents.

Since 1994 we have been active in the field of technological innovation and in the design of High-Tech Consumer and Health Care products; our twenty years of experience are the basis for the continuous research and development of one of the widest ranges of articles dedicated to the world of light baby care.

We boast Italian roots that accompany us in the natural pursuit of a passion and taste for aesthetics that is recognized as a distinctive element of refinement of our design.

Nuvita is today one of the most appreciated brands in the world by parents who are looking for products that are practical (Smart), easy to use (Easy), safe in all respects (Safe) and useful for making every moment dedicated to the care of the newborn up to 3 years of age more comfortable Nuvita Smart, Easy, Safe...